Supporting Videos

Introducing this framework

An introduction to the project by Dr Mary Clarke, Director of Nursing and Corporate Development, City and Hackney GP Confederation and Caroline Gilmartin, the Primary Care Nursing Strategic Lead, City and Hackney GP Confederation.

Watch time: 7m 56s

How should this framework be used

Lauren Nardo, Out of Hospital Nurse Programme Manager, City & Hackney GP Confederation, and Sheeylar Macey, Partner, Healthcare Consultant, Nina Murphy Associates take you through how to use this framework alongside your training and development.

Watch time: 6m 24s

How to be used in practice

Stacy Powell, General Practice Nursing Vocational Training Scheme and General Practice Nurse, City and Hackney GP Confederation explains how to utilise this website in your practice.

Watch time: 2m 16s

Underpinning Knowledge

Subject Matter Experts explains how this framework and training was developed and where it can be used in your day to day role.

Watch time: 7m 5s